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Massage is not a luxury, I find it to be an important part of a healthy regimen. Emilie is extremely knowledgeable and versatile. She offers everything from a "relaxing" massage to deep tissue and more. She is very accommodating and will often ask how I am doing and if I have any particular trouble spots that need extra attention. When I walk out the door after my 90-minute massage, I am relaxed, my posture has improved, aches and pains are gone and my head-to-toe flexibility is obviously better. I am so happy to have found her! -- Randi

I have worked with Emilie for the last year and a half. I have been competing in triathlons for almost 10 years. Massage therapy is a critical part of my training and Emilie is the best LMT with whom I've worked. This past year, Emilie played a huge role in helping me arrive at the start line for the 2012 Lake Placid Ironman injury free. I work with Emilie every 2-4 weeks depending on my training load and racing schedule to help with my recovery and injury prevention. If you are serious about training and competing in any sport, especially endurance events, then massage therapy with Emilie should be a part of your plan.-- Patrick Benoit, Triathlete, RATS and RAMS member

I've been seeing Emilie for about two years for deep tissue massages. I've had multiple upper and lower back surgeries. I started massage therapy for general health benefits and soon discovered that it provided benefits well above and beyong what I expected. Emilie has incredible knowedge and experience, as well as a focus on overall healthy living. She is focused on my specific needs and works on them diligently with care and compassion. I always leave my session relaxed, relieved from discomfort and with a sense of overall well-being. Additionally, she has a great attitude/personality and provides a very relaxing and welcoming environment.-- Marijoyce

I have been going to Emilie for a number of years. She always provides me with the best healing. As she is working on me I feel like my body is being put back into complete balance. All the stress is released and I am renewed. --Sue

After my first massage with Emilie, I knew I was going to return, and I did! Her massages are the perfect way to escape during or after my most stressful weeks at UR. --Kathryn

For some time I had been searching for a Shiatsu therapist and was rewarded when I found Emilie at A Healing Sanctuary. Emilie is truly skilled and intuitive. I always leave feeling relaxed, energized and ready to face any stresses which might come my way. Emilie takes the time to listen, which is so amazing in our fast-paced world. I think she is awesome and would recommend a Shiatsu session with her to anyone! --Judy, 65

Let me first say that (Emilie is) the kindest, most generous person I have ever encountered. And a fabulous massage therapist. I am prone to hitting golf balls in the most inclement weather conditions Rochester can dish out. My name is Fred, and yes, I am a golfaholic. (Emilie has) helped me over the years to keep striving toward that elusive state of bliss: my authentic golf swing. God bless you and your mighty hands. --Fred

I feel soooo blessed to have found Emilie. She is a fantastic massage therapist! I have had back problems for years and have tried many massage therapists but they didn't help me at all and some made me worse. After just one time getting a relaxation and Shiatsu massage with Emilie I felt relief. She listens to her clients and modifies things to suit their needs which is exactly what I needed. She knows how to relax you and help to eliminate some of your stress. I have seen Emilie several times and it was wonderful. Emilie is a very sweet and beautiful person inside and out. I have sent some of my friends and they loved her work so I would recommend her to all that really want a good massage. I am so thankful for her, I just can't say enough! --Debbie, 64

Being a shy person I was hesitant about massage therapy to begin with, but after a gruelling year of work, work, work and a strenuous new yoga practice, I found it necessary to try out a session at A Healing Sanctuary with Emilie Tomkinson. She was kind, made me feel super comfortable and at ease from the get-go, and I felt like this was a person I could trust with my body. In the beginning of the session she asked me what areas I wanted to give most attention to, and to talk about any discomfort or problem areas. I also made clear that I only liked medium to light pressure. Regarding Shiatsu theory:  I wanted to cleanse my liver, kidneys, and side body because I had had severe problems with my skin due to imbalanced liver and kidney energy. Her massage was thorough, healing (I felt like I had released toxins that had been trapped and hiding in my organs and muscles for years), but soothing as well. I would recommend her to anyone who wants to release tension and enliven muscles, joints and organs. --Linjung Kim, 29


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